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Optima Complete Skin Food Elixir Ultimate 1.0

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Everything you need for a happy gut and radiant, healthy skin in one simple, daily dose. With potent, natural ingredients in scientifically proven dosages, we address the four key pillars to universal skin health in one delicious, strawberry-vanilla powdered elixir.

392 g/28 serves
Pillar 1 - GutRenew OptiBlend™
Proprietary blend of award-winning pre and probiotics with soothing aloe vera for a powerful and complete gut food, developed to support microbiome diversity and to encourage a healthy gut and digestion, essential for optimal nutrient absorption, immune function and skin health.

Pillar 2 - Marine collagen peptides
Clinically proven to smooth wrinkles, improve skin texture and boost skin hydration and elasticity in just eight weeks. Our potent skin food contains 10,000mg – the highest-tested-effective serve – of bioavailable, marine collagen peptides, sustainably and ethically sourced from pristine North Atlantic waters.

Pillar 3 - SkinProtect BioBlend™
Optima’s SkinProtect BioBlend™ combines the most potent sources of targeted antioxidants for ultimate skin health and protection with patented Australian technology for enhanced bioavailability and product performance.

Complexed grapeseed extract and tomato concentrate, high in lycopene, combine to deliver potent, free radical scavenging capacity, protecting cells from oxidative damage that can lead to visible signs of skin ageing.

Pillar 4 - SkinFood OptiBlend™
A blend of the world’s richest sources of potent, bioavailable, food-based vitamins and minerals, our certified organic, low temperature dried and sprouted plant- based materials provide all the essentials to feed your hair, skin and nails, and support gut and immune health.


Simply add two scoops of the delicious strawberry-vanilla powdered elixir to water, smoothies, breakfast bowls or your drink of choice.


Certified Sustainable Marine Collagen Peptides from Wild Atlantic Cod (71%), SkinFood OptiEssence™ (Natural Strawberry Flavour, Blackberry Powder*, Raspberry Powder*, Blackcurrant Powder, Stevia), SkinFood OptiBlend™ (Sea Buckthorn Juice Powder*, Purple Carrot Juice Powder, Sprouted Quinoa Powder*, Rice Hull Powder*), GutRenew OptiBlend™ (Kiwi Fruit Skin Powder, Aloe Vera Inner Leaf Gel Powder*, Bacillus Coagulans [Probiotics]), SkinProtect BioBlend™ (Certified Sustainable Grape Seed Extract, Tomato Concentrate, Silicon Dioxide).


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