• Glowing skin from using the Kaelon home series skincare kit including Skinbetter science
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  • Evenswiss Sublime Revealing Mask
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Glowing skin from using the Kaelon home series skincare kit including Skinbetter science

Kaelon Home Series-Brighten


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A purposefully curated package to address pigmentation concerns while leaving your skin luminous and radiating a resplendent glow.

A clinically proven triple-action, vitamin C-infused facial that visibly exfoliates and smooths texture as effectively as a microdermabrasion facial—in just one use.

A sublime mask visibly reduces appearance of wrinkles in age-prone zone, rejuvenates and smoothens the skin, refines pore appearance, improves skin firmness and elasticity and improves skin texture.

Two boosters target multiple forms of pigmentation by reducing redness and age spots which lead to an increase in the skin tone homogeneity along with actives such as Arbutin which inhibits tyrosinase activity and is the key enzyme of the pigmentation process and Hexylresorcinol; a very effective lightener providing long-term protection of DNA under UV light.

Professional masking comes in with the Dermaquest TX Infusion mask. This ultra-nourishing, lavish mask is brimming with Vitamin C, Alpha Lipoic Acids, antioxidants and peptides, creating a silky smooth anti-aging treatment that leaves you with an instant lift, glow and radiant complexion.


Instructions are provided with package.


1 x Murad Vita-C Triple Exfoliating Facial - $99

1 x Evenswiss Sublime Revealing Mask - $135

1 x Evenswiss Anti-Age Spots Booster #3 - $100

1 x Evenswiss Anti- Dark Spots Booster #7 - $105

1 x Dermaquest C Infusion TX Mask - $84

Value $523

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