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Article: Summer Skin

Summer Skin

Summer Skin

Summer is here, offering the allure of long, languid days by the beach, salt spray, surf, and endless summer entertaining.

So, as you gear up for all the festivity that comes with the promise of a long hot summer ahead, here’s a quick skincare guide for summer.

Stay hydrated

Packed full of events, outings and entertainment, summer sees us out and about in the great outdoors or enjoying some welcome downtime with friends.

All those outings and celebrating can quickly take a toll on your skin, especially if alcohol is involved in the festivities, or you’re spending extended periods outside in the sun.

The top tip is to remain hydrated to keep your skin looking fresh and vibrant. Skin retains hydration so when your water consumption drops, your skin quickly shows the effects by looking dull, lacklustre and more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Two litres of water a day is the recommended minimum, but it can be an individual thing depending on the types of activities you’re undertaking, your exercise routine and your diet.

Wear sunscreen

In the Australian climate sunscreen is a must, particularly over summer when that UV index is higher and the hours of daylight are longer.

Incorporate its application into your morning routine and have sunscreen on hand in your handbag to reapply through-out the day. The sunscreen found in most foundations are not enough for complete UV protection, so consider investing in a good sunscreen that offers longevity, is lightweight and works for your skin type.

If you are buying sunscreen, look for a product with broad spectrum protection offering high UV factor choosing from different options suited to your skin; not overly heavy or oily which might clog your pores if you have acne prone skin and mineral based for more sensitive skin. Sunscreen are classified as Mineral, Physical and Chemical and more information on each type is available here. There are many sunscreen formulations today providing many options to finding the best product for you. Our motto: THE BEST SUNSCREEN IS THE ONE YOU WILL WEAR EVERYDAY!

Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen as advised, and where possible actually shade your face from the sun by wearing a hat.

Meanwhile, it’s not just your face that you should apply sunscreen to. Do protect all areas which are likely to enjoy an extended period in the sun, and don’t neglect your neck and décolletage. These areas often receive the full force of time spent in the sun and can be prone to premature aging.


Moisturising should be an essential component of your daily routine, but you may need to be particularly vigilant if the weather is very hot and dry over summer.

When it comes to all those summer activities like hitting the beach or swimming, your skin will also welcome a refreshing burst of moisture after time spent in the surf or in the great outdoors.

In terms of the best type of summer moisturisers, it pays to look for a lightweight option or even serum that offers ample hydration but doesn’t feel constricting or heavy on your skin, and you may need to reapply after swimming or strenuous activity.

Light makeup

Wearing makeup on a hot summer’s day can prove a challenge, especially in sticky conditions where it has the tendency to melt off your face.

This is where some careful product selection is essential. In hot humid conditions, opt for oil-free moisturisers and a more light-weight foundation alternative. A quality primer is also a great investment.

Primer goes on after moisturiser but before makeup and its job is to keep makeup in place. A good primer will feel lightweight and will prepare your skin for the makeup application.

Meanwhile, alternatives like BB or CC creams are great for summer as they provide coverage needed for a no-makeup makeup look to highlight your natural beauty and really bring out the sun kissed glow of healthy skin.


Although it’s important not to over-exfoliate your skin and irritate it, summer is a prime time to remove dead skin and allow the layer beneath to breathe. Regular exfoliation is a must if you want healthy, glowing skin—but limit it to once or twice a week.

As with all skin-care products opt for an exfoliant suited to your skin needs. Be mindful that exfoliating can make you more susceptible to sun damage so ensure adequate sun protection is used.

Embrace those summer fruits

Summer offers an abundance of foods which are simply fantastic for your skin not only when used in products but more so when incorporated into your diet. Watermelon contains several antioxidants and the seeds are just as beneficial containing unsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid, that keep the skin elastic and youthful.

Berries and pineapple are packed with antioxidants, and oranges, papaya and mangoes which are rich in Vitamin C and beta-carotene that help protect the skin against free-radical damage, which results in wrinkles and other signs of ageing.

Eating a liberal amount of fruits over the festive season is something your skin will thank you for, helping it stay nourished and hydrated.

Meanwhile summer staples like seafood can also offer real benefits as they’re rich in Omega 3, and if you have a hankering for smashed avocado, ‘tis the season to embrace it. Avocados are also a great source of healthy fats.

Simplify your routine

Between events and socialising with friends and family, the summer period is extremely busy, and there might also be some welcome travel involved.

Our best advice is to simplify your routine, pairing it back to the essential steps; cleansing, moisturising and SPF. An effective skin care regimen is one that you will be consistent with and accommodates your lifestyle no matter how busy it is.

Opt for products that fulfil multiple purposes, like moisturisers formulated with UV protection and a PM moisturiser containing retinol. Importantly, select quality products that are suited to your specific skin type and seek advice from a professional about what’s likely to best work for you to achieve the results you want.

About Kaelon

At Kaelon our philosophy stands for skin first, makeup second. We believe that skincare is the future of makeup and the two have and will always go hand in hand.

Our skin consultations are designed to assess your skin and prescribe products suitable for you. No two skins are the same, nor should they be treated as such.

We respect that everyone’s skin, lifestyle and health is different, so we create a routine bespoke to you. You can contact our dedicated customer care team here or book your consultation directly here.

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