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KAELON is derived from the ancient Greek term Kalon meaning
'Beauty is more than skin deep'.

About Kaelon

Skin first, make up second.

The KAELON mantra is uncomplicated yet powerfully transformational.

Vital to the foundation of a glowing, radiating complexion, is healthy skin. We put you at the heart of skin health by healing and rejuvenating it first. We then devise a treatment that is as unique and individual to you.

Everyone deserves to have great skin and it begins with an understanding of your skin. This is the first step to long-lasting skin health.

We’ve perfectly blended results-orientated treatments with leading clinical products, all within a beautiful spa-like setting.

We welcome you to KAELON.

Radiating Confidence

The journey to healthy skin can sometimes feel like an elusive one, and to many of us, it is a deeply sensitive topic. I know all too well the role skin concerns can have on one’s confidence.

You can easily get lost in a sea of beauty brands and retailers selling you the latest products, endorsed by the latest en trend celebrity with an unblemished glow.

We set out to create an oasis powered by knowledge over trends and hype. Combining luxury with state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based products underpinned by a strong understanding of dermal science and an integrative approach to skin health and wellness.

We give you KAELON: a place where beauty meets efficacy and each experience is as individual as you.

The KAELON experience aims to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated; radiating confidence from within.

I welcome you to browse our comprehensive website; immerse yourself in our range of result-driven treatments, book skin consultations and shop our curated edit of the very best in skin health, beauty and wellness. This is more than a facial, this is more than beauty, this is partnership in achieving the best version of you.

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