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Facial Treatments

Customised Clinical Facials & Treatments

At KAELON our facials are result orientated and focused around creating a bespoke experience for you. We customised our facials to address your skin concerns to help you get closer to your skin goals.

Result orientated, expertly curated by our clinical team and delivered in our luxurious clinic, our facials aimed to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuventated radient - inside and out.

Bespoke Skin Treatments

Minimally invasive, result driven and entirely customised.

Result orientated treatments are at the core of what we aim to provide, while always respecting the integrity and longevity of the skin. Combining age old modalities with state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based formulations, our treatments are completely customised to your needs.


Clinical Facials

Developed for clients with limited time, our Clinical Facials combine decadent luxury and ultimate relaxation with serious skin results focusing on a primary area of concern. Your therapist may recommend these during the course of your treatment plan or as maintenance treatments.

Please note that each facial is inclusive of a LED Light therapy component.

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Peels have long been used to refine skin and improve pigment, texture and tone. Chemical peels are comprised of single/mono or multi acid formulation utilising the various benefits from different acid molecules and ingredients available to target specific needs. Peel strengths vary from superficial which requires no downtime, to medium and deep peels which will require anywhere between 5-14 days downtime. Medium and deep peels are only available following a series of preparatory peels and a strict home protocol to enhance and prolong the desired outcome.

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