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Eye Care

Eye Care

The skin around your eyes is the most delicate compared to everywhere on your face due to how thin the skin is. On top of this, it’s almost impossible to be expression-less in the eye area; generally speaking, you lift your brows when you’re surprised, squint your eyes in anger, and the corners can crease when you smile and laugh. As such, your eyes are one of the first places to show the signs of ageing.

With this in mind, you might notice little fine lines appearing around your eyes as your skin creases from your facial movement. You might even notice discolouration in the form of dark circles under the eyes, or puffy circles that bulge under your peepers due to genetics and environmental aggressors. So, we highly recommend using proper eye care in the form of eye creams and eye serums both day and night on a daily basis to protect your skin in the long run.

An eye serum is perfect for those who prefer a lighter texture that sinks into skin upon contact. It’s also great to use during the day as it usually isn’t too heavy to put makeup over the top. An eye cream usually offers a richer and balmier consistency, which can comfort skin immediately.

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