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Magaret Dabbs

Margaret Dabbs Bunion Support, Right foot

Margaret Dabbs

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Designed to alleviate pressure on the big toe joint by carefully supporting the big toe. This encourages normal alignment of the joint and slows the development of the bunion.


Place reinforced splint on side of foot and big toe directly over the short strap. Fold the short strap over the big toe in the direction of the remaining toes and pull velcro strap around the big toe and onto the aid
Wrap the remaining part of the aid across the foot and attach the velcro straps
Ensure all straps are secure. Adapt the aid into position as required
The support can be worn on a bare foot at times of relaxation to encourage the big toe joint to realign to the correct position. It should be worn initially for shorter periods of time, and the period of use built up; it should be fixed to remain comfortable and as the toe gets used to the support it can be tightened further to encourage joint mobility and normal alignment

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