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Mesoestetic Brightening Peel Booster

Sale price$119.00

Non-oily, renewing and clarifying gel based on a synergic combination of glycolic acid and phytic acid. Glycolic acid has effective exfoliating and regenerating properties which produce mild flaking, reducing the stratum corneum and boosting the antioxidant and depigmenting effects of the phytic acid. Reduces melanogenic activity for a more even pigmentation.

Brightening peel booster significantly improves the skin’s ability to retain moisture and reactivate cell renewal while reducing pigment-based lesions and blemishes. Pores are visibly smaller and dyschromia fades, leaving the skin lighter and glowing, with an even tone.

  • Visibily improves dark spots, uneven skin tone, blemishes and signs of photo-ageing by reactivating skin cell renewal and inbihiting spot formation process
  • Improves elasticity, reduces wrinkles by stimulatingCollagen and Elastin synthesis
  • Unifies skin texture and reduces pore size
  • Increases skin hydration
  • For a lighter, brighter and uniform complexion
  • Ideal for depigmentation, anti-ageing skincare routines