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Esse Skincare Probiotic Serum

Sale price$179.00

This is the world’s first probiotic serum which means it is alive and ready to work.

Whilst most people are focusing on the bacteria in their body, Esse are looking at what’s going on outside on your skin, creating a product that actively gets to work.
As soon as a drop of serum hits your skin, 1 billion live probiotics per millilitre get activated by the moisture on your skin.
These bacteria encourage the production of hyaluronic acid as well as producing it themselves so expect plumper, more hydrated skin with continued use. They also produce lactic acid to create an environment that limits the growth of pathogens so they can’t cause any trouble.
They then work together to create the ideal microbiome (basically a balanced collection of microorganisms, bacteria in your skin) and create a moisture-laden barrier that means slower ageing, restoration, and smoother skin.


esse probiotic serum
Esse Skincare Probiotic Serum Sale price$179.00