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SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced

Sale price$280.00

A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced is a potent corrective treatment that targets signs of visible ageing impacted by collagen decline and glycation, including wrinkling, laxity, and dullness.

  • 12.6% Concentrated Proxylane (new form 20% more concentrated): Key active ingredient in formulas targeting the appearance of wrinkles & laxity.
    4.25% Wild Fruit Flavonoids Combination of blueberry and pomegranate extracts
    .1% glycyrrhetinic acid Liquorice root extract used in formulas for its soothing properties
    3% HEPES Known to activate natural enzymes in skin to promote even cell turnover while hydrating skin.
    1% Niacinamide Water-soluble vitamin, also known as vitamin b3, used in soothing formulas to help support skin’s moisture barrier. Helps restore skins firmness and elasticity, which is known to decline as glycation degrades skin's collagen.
SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced
SkinCeuticals A.G.E. Interrupter Advanced Sale price$280.00